My Cousin Vinny

The Book Series




Vinny and Lisa have returned to star in a new series of comic thrillers. Our wildly inappropriate attorney and his hot-blooded fiancée will star in a new series of comic thrillers with Lisa leading the investigation and Vinny in charge of litigation.

My Cousin Vinny has always been my favorite film comedy, the one that made me late for appointments if it popped up on the TV when I should’ve been walking out the door. If you're on this page I’m guessing it’s one of your favorites as well. I’ve met very few people, who didn’t remember it with great fondness.

Am I sure?
Yeah! I'm pos-i-tive!

Warm regards,
Larry Kelter

Barbara Hackel rated it - It was amazing! 5 Stars

While we frequently see books being made into movies, a rare occurrence is a movie being made into a book, or better yet, a favorite movie being continued into a book. Back to Brooklyn is that rarity and to make matters better, it is exceedingly well done. 

As Lisa and Vinny drive off at the end of the movie My Cousin Vinny, it is just the beginning of Gambini's legal career. His long time supporter, Judge Molloy suggests a way for Vinny to get a little experience and make some money doing assigned council work. It is a challenge for Vinny because there is very little time to read the case file (often less than a minute) and with his dyslexia, reading fast is difficult. The first client he has is followed by Vinny's brother Joe, and that gives him a chance to break into the local scene and meet the Assistant District Attorney. Meanwhile the girlfriend of a murdered felon is referred to Vinny for advice, and when she is arrested, he becomes her trial attorney.

Although his career may be looking up, life with Lisa is never easy, and they continue fighting often without Vinny knowing why he is even fighting. But as always, she is proud of Vinny and helps him with his cases, making them a most unusual team.

I confess I loved the book but it was a slow read for me. Every time Vinny or Lisa spoke I had to visualize them (as Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei) and hear the familiar voices that I have always associated with these characters. That was by no means a negative aspect to reading the book. It simply meant I didn't race through at my usual speed, but instead actually savored the book. I am pleased to report it was worth savoring and I look forward to reading future books in this series.