My Cousin Vinny

The Book Series




Vinny and Lisa have returned to star in a new series of comic thrillers. Our wildly inappropriate attorney and his hot-blooded fiancée will star in a new series of comic thrillers with Lisa leading the investigation and Vinny in charge of litigation.

My Cousin Vinny has always been my favorite film comedy, the one that made me late for appointments if it popped up on the TV when I should’ve been walking out the door. If you're on this page I’m guessing it’s one of your favorites as well. I’ve met very few people, who didn’t remember it with great fondness.

Am I sure?
Yeah! I'm pos-i-tive!

Warm regards,
Larry Kelter

Hold the presses, get your reading prescription checked, and charge up your e-reader. 2018 is shaping up to be my most prolific year yet. Vinny and Lisa are coming back. Chalice as well. We've got a blockbuster anthology, and so much more. And that's just in the next three months.

Just take a gander at this calendar of releases:

April 30 - Release day for THE BLACK CAR BUSINESS: Volume I. Ten stories from ten NY Times and USA Today best-selling authors, and award winning authors, edited by yours truly. They're dark and mysterious--just the kind of book you'll want to pick up before going to bed ... if you want have nightmares. Available for pre-sale on AMAZON right now for just $3.99 until 4/30.

APRIL 30 - Chalice, Lido, Ma, and company return in SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET. This new short novel format marks the fist in a new series for our crime-solving gal detective. The series is called CITY BEAT, and the plan is to have Chalice return on a monthly basis. Yes, that's right, monthly. So, if you've been hankering for some Chalice, she's coming back by the bucketful!

May 28 - Chalice and Lido return in CITY BEAT #2, WE ALL FALL DOWN.

May 28 - Vincent La Guardia Gambini &Mona Lisa Vito return in the novelization of MY COUSIN VINNY - Imagine it, the most re-watched comedy of all time translated onto the printed page with added scenes, tons of fresh jokes, and character insights you just won't believe. LYAO funny!

June 30 - Like to laugh? Yeah, me too. The response to the My Cousin Vinny series has been so strong that I thought I'd right some more funny stuff. I've written an original comedy entitled THE TREASURE OF INDECISIE. It's a story wrapped in a story, reminiscent of The Princess Bride. It'll keep you doubled over laughing. 

June 30 - Chalice and Lido return in CITY BEAT #3, ASHES TO ASHES.

Is that enough reading for you? I hope so because I'm typing so fast my fingers are cramping. That's six brand new reads in 90-days. 

A big heartfelt thank you to all of you who read my books and keep glued to my computer. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Talk soon!

Have a great month.