My Cousin Vinny

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My Cousin Vinny

Gambini is back! Hot on the heels of rescuing his cousin Bill and Bill’s friend, Stan from an Alabama electric chair, our wildly inappropriate hero, Vincent Gambini heads home to Brooklyn where he attempts to establish a successful law career. Meanwhile, Lisa aches to have a wedding band placed around her finger and her biological clock is still ticking away like mad. Vinny and Lisa have been together ten long years. She’s waited so very patiently for him to complete law school and pass the bar. Winning his first case was the last piece of the puzzle, and now nothing can stand in the way of true love, except that between them they don’t have two nickels to rub together, and Vinny is about as romantic as a box of frogs.
In the course of building his practice, Vinny is reunited with Joe, his walking, talking embarrassment of a brother, Lisa’s nudging parents, Ma and Augie, and his dear old friend Judge Henry Molloy, who refers him the mother of all capital murder cases.
Theresa Cototi is young and pretty but far from innocent, and darn her luck . . . her boyfriend has just been scraped off the pavement after taking a header from eight-stories up. You’d better believe she’s going to trial, charged with murder one.
Aided by Lisa and a ragtag team of misfits, Vinny defends his client against overwhelming odds. Our endearing neophyte attorney must match wits with a cunning DA and a formidable influence peddler, who appears to anticipate his every move. In the balance hangs the life of a woman he believes to be innocent. Or is she?
Yes, Vinny may have finally won his first case but his and Lisa’s story is far from over.
Am I sure?
Yeah! I’m pos-i-tive!

Vision Statement

In the world of satire it is so incredibly rare that voices are created with such endearing charm and personality that they resonate with us still, decades later. Yet Dale Launer has done just that with the film My Cousin Vinny.

The film was released on March 13, 1992 and has become an iconic comedy classic, a tale about two wrongly accused young men who are defended in an Alabama murder trial by Vincent Gambini, an inexperienced, wildly inappropriate lawyer unaccustomed to southern rules and manners.

Mention the film by name or parrot any of the classic lines and you’ll find that practically everyone within earshot is immediately on the same page with you, going tit for tat with smiles plastered on their faces. “Are you sure? I’m pos-i-tive.

It’s rated the #2 all-time greatest legal thriller by IMDB, the Internet Movie Data Base, second only to John Grisham’s masterpiece A Time To Kill. To this day, the film is still used by professors in law schools as reference material in the instruction of courtroom procedure.

Today, fans of the comedy are still tickled by the film’s wry sense of humor and sight gags. Personally speaking, I still get sucked in every time the film pops up on my TV, and I laugh just as hard as I did the first time I saw it. It just never gets old.

I’ve been given a unique opportunity. I’ll be writing a series of comic adventures starring Vincent LaGuardia Gambini and his hot-blooded fiancée Mona Lisa Vito. 

Dale and I foresee a rich legacy for our erstwhile couple, ultimately evolving into a modern day Nick and Nora team with Lisa investigating and Vinny litigating. 

I hope that you share my appreciation for this irreverent comedy. If you're on this page, I'm guessing you do.

Larry Kelter


​Want to know where adventure takes Vinny and Lisa next? Across the Atlantic is where. 
That's for me to know and you ... well, you know, or rather, YOU SHOULD KNOW. And you will. Just not yet.
SPRING 2018 - You won't want to miss it!